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Stage 4 Operations - effective 23 November 2020

Members are allowed to undertake training or Club level competitions and our Come  N Try sessions are allowed to restart. The Clubhouse can be opened for conditional  use by members. Social interaction is encouraged while maintaining good hygiene  and social distancing (1.5m separation). 


In order to assist in range usage, we have arranged a Range Booking spreadsheet at the following location: RvrEvuKHJsk/edit?usp=sharing 

Note the time slots are each for 1 hour please add your name in each of the time slots you wish to use. 

Though we only have 8 mobile targets at the moment, members from two households can share a target. 

All members are requested to use the Range booking spreadsheet. Please advise by email to or phone Greg (0412 554 220) if you have any problems using the system.


Member responsibilities 

All members need to maintain awareness of their own circumstances and health as well as remaining considerate of other members. Do not attend the range if you are feeling unwell. Now is not the time to soldier on and play even though you have a cold or sore throat. Members who are in a more vulnerable group, be that due to age, health or family circumstances (ie. Caring for an elderly or health compromised family member) should carefully assess the risks their activities may attract. All members are encouraged to download and activate the COVIDSAFE app. 


Please remember that breaches of the above requirements could attract significant fines and cause the club to shut down again.

Specific requirements are as follows: 

  • Outdoor range can be used for training and organised Club activities. Visiting  archers are allowed, though non-Archery Australia members must sign a temporary membership form. 

  • The clubhouse will be open on weekends with a maximum of 6 people allowed  inside at any one time. Members can use the area for equipment setup,  repairs and storage as well as for rest. The wearing of a mask is required at all  times while inside the clubhouse. 

  • Only one person is allowed in the equipment cage at a time. The wearing of a  mask is required.

  • The days and times approved by council for Southern Cross Archery Club use  are each Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 9pm. 

  • No more than 2 households may share a target. Where 2 households share a  target, archers are to remain 1.5m apart. Archers are to retrieve their own  arrows. 

  • Target butt separation is to enable members to maintain 1.5m social distancing.

  • Face masks are not required to be worn outdoors, unless individuals are unable to keep 1.5m apart. 

  • Coaching is allowed. If touch is required as part of the coaching activity, it  should be kept to a minimum and should only be done with the permission of  the archer and/or parent/guardian. 

  • The toilet is able to be used. The wearing of a mask is required.  • The purchase of bottled water, cans of drink and pre-packaged snack bars from  the club is allowed if the clubhouse is open. 

  • There should be no physical contact, other than in an emergency, between any  archers or any other persons at the range. This does not apply to members of  the same household nor club coaches, coaching.

  • All members to practice good hygiene and maintain 1.5m social distancing.

  • Sharing of equipment is allowed as long as the equipment is cleaned between each user. 

  • The use of club equipment is allowed as long as the items are wiped down  before and after use with the wipes provided. This includes the use of club  bows and arrows etc. 

  • If two separate groups, eg. A Come & Try group and a member group, or a Club shoot group and a training group, are operating then we need to ensure we  have a 10m separation between groups.  

  • Members are able to undertake range maintenance and repair activities subject  to the normal social distancing, face mask and hygiene requirements.  Members undertaking maintenance activities will form a separate group and  must maintain a 10m separation from other groups on the range. 

  • Spectators are allowed in the area behind the shooting line and within the compound with appropriate social distancing.

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