Stage 1 Operations

Good news at last, we have finally been approved by both Archery Victoria and the Maribyrnong City Council to recommence limited archery activities at Pennell Reserve from 8am Saturday 16th May.

Please note this is not an immediate return to normal activities for the club, but a severely limited opening with our activities restricted to meet the requirements of both the Federal and the Victorian Government’s first step towards reopening after the shutdown.  

Our committee has developed a 3 stage plan towards normal club activities which has been submitted to both Archery Victoria and the Maribyrnong City Council.   We have been approved to proceed with stage 1 of the plan.   Please note that the club toilets, club equipment and common contact areas, (locks, handles and metal surfaces) have been cleaned and disinfected.


What has been approved at this stage is as follows:

  • Archery is limited to the normal operating days and times for the club ie. Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 7:30pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00 (noon) to 7:30pm

  • Normal Range operating procedures will apply, ie. All archers must sign in before shooting, a single shooting line is to be used and a DOS should be appointed for the shooting line.

  • Only Members are allowed.

  • A maximum of 10 members allowed at the range at any one time

  • Strict Hygiene and Social Distancing of 1.5m is to apply at all times.   Soap and water is available for hand washing and hand sanitizer is available for use at each mobile target.

  • The principal of “Get in, Train and Get out” applies, with social interactions to be kept to a minimum.

  • Only one archer per mobile target, unless all are from the same household.

  • Archers are to handle only their own equipment, including arrows

  • Access to the clubhouse, when open, is to be kept to a minimum.   You may enter to obtain required equipment, eg. New target faces, then get out.  Packets of anti-bacterial hand wipes are available and should be used to wipe down any club equipment before and after use.

  • All personal equipment is to be set up outside and can be kept with you behind the shooting line or left at the outside table.


In order to minimise the chance of arriving at the range and finding that there are already 10 members present and not being able to join in, we have set up a Range Booking spreadsheet at the following location:

Note the time slots are each for 1 hour and there are 10 columns for a maximum of 10 archers.   Please add your name in each of the time slots you wish to use. 

Please remember that we only have 8 mobile targets at the moment even though we are allowed to have 10 members at the range.   Members from the same household can share a target.

All members are requested to use the Range booking spreadsheet.   Please advise by email to or phone me (0412 554 220)  of any problems you have in using the system.


Member responsibilities

All members need to maintain awareness of their own circumstances and health as well as remaining considerate of other members.   Do not attend the range if you are feeling unwell.   Now is not the time to soldier on and play even though you have a cold or sore throat.   Members who are in a more vulnerable group, be that due to age, health or family circumstances (ie. Caring for an elderly or health compromised family member) should carefully assess the risks their activities may attract.   All members are encouraged to download and activate the COVIDSAFE app.


Please remember that breaches of the above requirements could attract significant fines and cause the club to shut down again.


Introductory Sessions (Come & Try):

Sunday: 10am - 12pm (Oct)


Open to members

Tuesday: 12pm - 8pm

Thursday: 12pm - 8pm

Saturday: 8am - 8pm

Sunday: 8am - 8pm


Pennell Reserve 

Cnr Cranwell & Butler St 

Braybrook Victoria 



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