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What is Archery?

Since the dawn of humanity, the use of the bow has been used for hunting and warfare. In modern times, archery has continued on as a sport. For those who have become familiar with archery through Robin Hood or The Hunger Games, archery may look different with its modern materials and equipment, but the goal remains the same: hit the target.

As a sport, archery is highly accessible for all ages and ability levels. Archers can choose to use traditional barebow equipment, modern Olympic-style recurves or the fast and precise compound bows. Each discipline reflects unique challenges.

Archery is done outdoors, with target rounds being shot up to 90 metres away. Archers can also participate in field archery courses, lob arrows in a clout archery event, or shoot 18m indoor distances.

Archery is a physical and a mental challenge. Practising archery requires focus and discipline. Thanks to the wider range and availability of equipment, anyone can enjoy archery.

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